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Tessék is a concept behind a tutor web series, which concentrates on the origin and the meaning of funny sounding hungarian words. The pilot is about the word "piszlicsáré".

Melvin Production

Made by: Peter Raday
Cast: Juli Jakab, Kristof Kiss Benedek, Lili Lantos, Dani Balint, Richard Illes
Producer: Melvin Productions
Co-Producer: Richárd Romwalter, Judit Romwalter, Sparks Camera & Lighting
Written by: Peter Raday, Juli Jakab
Animation: Zoltan Asmany
Graphic Design: Kisjustk
Sound engineer: Pal Somlo
Sound: Studio-H
Colorist: Stalter Anna
Music: Fodor Máriusz
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary