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This is Punnany Massif's latest music video, Engedd el! According to the band's previous music videos we wanted to make something different with a short story. We would like to think about Engedd el as a film instead of a music video.

The concept was to picture a few known situation from life. Situations about love, family, solitude, anger etc. Obviously that kind of feeling or status on which you can change or just let it go for a short period with a good and positive attitude.

There must be something in everyones life which worth to live for.

In the middle of the story there is a little paper plane which was thrown by Mate, the lead singer of the band which changes everything. With the help of this plane the attitude is changing, the problems are starting to be solved...

A Proud production.

Producer: Oliver Lehel, David Raday
Directed: Peter Raday
DOP: Donat Kekesi
Camera technition: Daniel Racz
Editor: Oliver Lehel
Post-Production: Proud productions
Production Manager: Andi Ausztrics
Concept: Peter Raday, Kristof Kiss Benedek

Actors: Auguszta Toth, Tamas Keresztes, Vencel Illes, Kalman Somody, Liza Szatmari, Mate Nagyistok, Viki Lenard
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary