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Oncompass Medicine is a global health information company that helps oncologists and patients find and access the best personalized cancer therapies based on available clinical information and molecular diagnostic results.

Oncompass Molecular Tumor Board is a unique information service allowing treating physicians to engage in an online dialogue with the multidisciplinary Oncompass Medicine expert team.

Oncologists can also personally participate at the online Oncompass Molecular Tumor Board where they can discuss their cases with molecular biologists, genetic counselors and other oncologists who may have previous exprerience with a similar case.

They approached us to make a short video about their work to empower doctors to be a part of their process, their way of helping people.

This video is based on a true story about Kate, who had lung cancer a few years back. With the help of her doctor and the Tumor Board team, Kate is one of the few who benefited from precision oncology.

A Melvin production

Producer: Borbala Szelei
Directed: Peter Raday
D.O.P.: Daniel Racz
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary