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These videos are parts of a series what we made for Konyhakör, which is a monthly event, focused on gastronomy, friendship and excitement. It's basically a combination of first class food and an unexpected location. Each time another chef cooks it's own special menu for different audience at a special, not restaurant-like space, like a theatre, abandoned house, a garden and so on.

These shorts supposed to tease people about food and lifestyle, music and fun what Konyhakör is representing.




A Melvin production.

client: Konyhakör (Benjamin Tenner, Andras Kalman)
prod.: Borbala Szelei
dir.: Peter Raday
d.o.p.: Daniel Racz

thanks to: Rozina Wossala, Tamas Danos, Daniel Kiss O'Shea, Balazs Bercsenyi, Szonja Lefkovits, Anna Pakosz, Pepe, Dominika Hereb
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary