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With Fujifilm Aspekt, Fuji had their first online photography competition in Hungary. It was an open contest for everyone who likes to make pictures with their cellphones about basically anything. You just had to hashtag the things you uploaded to Instagram with #fujifilmaspekt.

By winning the competition three people received Fuji cameras of their MILC series but the company's campaigne didn't stop here. They decided to make a mini video series for those whom not just have the opportunity to buy good cameras but also want to learn how to actually use them in a more or less professional way.

For these videos we chose one of the members of the Fujifilm Aspekt jury to be our teacher and one of the winners of the competition to be our student. With their help we were able to make five individual spots about learning different basic technics according to photography.

For us it was an interesting work, because we had the chance to use the same equipment for shooting what the winners got after the competition and despite of the lot of changes we had to make in the concept during the shooting day by day, we could slip through a bit of creativity with how we used the green background and the same character in every episode, who by the way was the guy whom Fuji continued the campaign with.

A Melvin production.

Agency: Friendly Creative Agency
Production manager: Mate Tozser
Creative director: Balazs Lippai
Directed: Peter Raday
DOP: Daniel Racz
Sound: Pal Somlo
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary