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Erste Bank is one of the biggest banks in Hungary. In addition to their normal bank solutions, they also have several specialties for only young people, helping them in spending less or even saving some money. They made a microsite for only these solutions, advertising their three special package (Egyszámla, Célbetét, Mobilepay). Bank accounts, mobile application and more.

Of course they wanted to get closer to the youngsters. By doing so, they also wanted to make a series about different tips and tricks for students, showing them possibilities for saving money. We made 10 episodes for them. 7 tips and tricks and 3 about their bank solutions. We wanted to make something great, funny, trendy and also something which uses analog technics and minimalist solutions.

For this reason we created a concept, where we needed only two people, colourful backgrounds and just a few objects. We wanted to simplify every process by showing as few things in the videos as we can to stay understandable for everyone. The narration and the animation is helping people get the information they need and also works great with the footages we shot.


Home cinema


Bicycle friendly skirt




An Artificial Group production.

Agency: Aritificial Group
Client: Erste Bank
Director: Peter Raday
DOP: Peter Raday
Production manager: Kitti Maretics (AG)
Art director: Bence Hajdu
Props: Bence Hajdu & Richard Illes
Post production: David Sum (AG), Peter Tiba (AG), Peter Raday
Voice Over: Daniel Hamvas, Kata Nemes Takacs
Sound recording: Cabbage - Boogieman Studio
Stylist: Lilla Lendvai
Make-up: Fibi Veger
Hair: Andris Kocka
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary