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DM Drogerie markt's new campaign is about a scratch card winning opportunity for all the costumers after buying over 4 000 HUF. With the help of the card costumers can win a lot of great prizes with a pretty big chance, including a new car or a week holiday in Turkey.

In addition that the video was made for theatrical use only we wanted to create something that is good to watch before any kinds of movie and also catches the attention of DM's main target, women around the age 30.

Our main goal was to gamify the process where the bought objects transform to scratch cards first and then reborn as prizes. To create something that people can like and can smile during watching it, we needed a world of colours and happiness not just to keep up their attention but to start a feeling that they actually want to win a card like that.

So we took the idea and build this process on a 12,5 m long table and took only one shot with the camera. Behind the idea there was another goal which was to creat something with our hand. Something which feels human and therefore it is relevant and also loveable for everyone. That's why we are using hand controlled effects and real people instead of a computer.

DM Commercial

Making of

A PEAK production.

Agency: Friendly (Miklos Matrai)
Client: DM (Alexandra Gubi, Agnes Sasvari)
Producer: Tamas Lippich
Director: Peter Raday
DOP: Daniel Racz
Art director: Balint Benko
Props: Bence Hajdu
Post production: Andras Pere, Tamas Szabo

Thanks to: Richard Illes, Kristof Kiss Benedek, Zsofi Erdei
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary