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Megálló is the hungarian VIVA TV's music request show. People can give and share music videos all around Hungary with the help of Sanyóca, who is the presenter of this show and also a musician. "Csak kérned kell" is the official song and music video for this perticular TV show with celebrities and other musicians.

The idea was to take the main character of this show to the centre, which is obviously the microphone. So everybody who talks, sings or just dance in the video is holding the microphone.

A Proud production.

Directed by: Peter Raday, David Raday
Music: Mariusz É Vagy E, Sandor Bartfalvi
Lyrics: Sandor Bartfalvi, Oliver Lehel, David Raday
Editor: Peter Raday
Special thanks: No Comment Hip Hop Studio
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary