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As a BA student at MOME in 2013 one of our main school works was to create TV spots for a band or a musician within VIVA TV's All Eyes On campaign. Every classmate had their own approach according to the specific music.

Carbovaris is an up-and-coming hungarian indie rock band full of young and talented musicians. In this case I wanted to create something fresh and new and also something that perfectly fits in their image.

My main interest at that time was the post-digital art where you make almost everything with your hand instead of a computer. Therefore I have created short videos with a very clean design and very simple analog movements with the band in the centre which goes nice and smooth with their music.

All of the spots was aired on VIVA TV.

Video by: Peter Raday
Thanks to: Mate Moro, Nora Gyenge, Kristof Kiss Benedek, Aron Filkey, Adam Simon, David Vecsey, Bence Hajdu, Kokszi and Carbovaris
Special thanks to: Endre Schwindl, Photoplanet, David Raday, Oliver Lehel
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary