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As a winner of the first Fashion Video Festival in Budapest, Hungary with Opposites do attract, our prize was to make another film for the hungarian Glamour magazine. This is a fashion video sponsored by Glamour, inspired by the room number 131.

In the video we wanted to create independent spaces with different meanings, different dresses but with a common story. Basically we used a 100m2 room to build the whole installation which took a week or so. We wanted to use the less computer work but the most analog technics we can so almost everything in the room is handmade.

We played with the separations though. Sometimes it's the fog or just a turn with the camera or we just left the past space in the background so you can feel the movements and the rout of the model.

We also paired the clothes to the spaces. In addition there's an indiscernible change after each space.

A JNSQ production.

Video by: Peter Raday, Aron Filkey, Mate Moro
Model: Benedetta @ Attractive
Styling: Noemi Varga
Make-up: Dorottya Nagy
Hair styling: Zoltan Toth
Set design: Aron Filkey, Bence Hajdu, Mate Moro, Peter Raday
Lightning: Jozsef Szomjas, Csaba Mecseki (Sparks)
Music: Robot koch: Midnight on the moon
Sponsored by: Glamour magazine
Peter Raday 2017 — Budapest, Hungary